Sunday, November 26, 2017

Create Your Own Lane

Earlier this week, a Twitter friend of mine (Thanks @kerszi !) posted this Quote of the Day.  I'm on Twitter every day and see lots of quotes, quirky sayings, and cool images, but this one has stuck with me all week.  There are 3 things that really made this resonate with me.

1.  I laughed at the term "boss up" but I loved that choice of words!  You know, like a boss, take control and do it.  I felt like that was a good motivator, a way to call others to action.  Sometimes you have to just step up and make a decision.  Take a risk.  Make that leap.  Just do it.  Like a boss.

2. Sometimes in education we have to create a new path where one  never existed.  Create your own lane.  That's what innovators do, whether in the classroom or as a school leader we have to forge ahead through new territory and design our own lane because we know it's what's best for kids.

This reminded me of those old "create your own adventure" books.  You remember these?  You get to a certain juncture in the story and you either choose between page 47 and page 86.   I used to love these books when I was little, but sometimes you need more than the two options provided.  That's when you have to create your own lane--jump off-road and take the path less traveled.

Innovators are often lonely on those single-lane highways, but usually the journey and the destination are well worth it.

3.  The last part that really had an impact was the phrase"had no choice".  Truly, there was a choice, wasn't there?  It is a choice to stay on the same path and keep moving along at the same pace as everyone else.  But for innovators, that's just not an option.  That lane is full of other cars doing to same old thing.  Innovators are pushed to the point that they have no other choice that to break away and create a new lane--that's when the magic happens.

Are you ready to "boss up"?  In what ways are you creating your own lane?  Share your comments!

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