Thursday, November 16, 2017

10 New STEAM Makers You Should Know

Over a year ago I wrote a post about the 25 STEAM Maker educators that you should follow on Twitter. Since then both STEAM (STEM, STREAM, whatever you call it) and Maker Education are heating up and more and more educators are getting involved in this exciting pathway to learning.

This list of educators represents those with less than 1000 followers on Twitter, who are doing AMAZING things in their schools.  Please check them out!

1. Tori Cameron @STEAMuptheclsrm
Check out Tori's podcast STEAM Up the Classroom.  She connects with STEAM Maker educators who are taking risks and pushing innovation.  She promotes all things STEM, STEAM, Maker and Makerspaces.

 2. Ed Bringas @annoyingDrones
A STEAM Maker Specialist--gotta love that title!  Ed posts relevant articles and examples of amazing student work. 

3.  Chris Cook @FlintHillMakers 
Coding, 3D printing, robotics, sewing--Chris posts all kinds of student projects.  Where was this middle school maker teacher when I was in school ???

4. Kristen Nan @nankr1120 
Kristen is a third grade teacher who is overflowing with passion for teaching and learning.  Her students are leaders in the classroom, as Kristen facilitates project-based learning in her school's makerspace. You must check out the learning happening in this classroom!

5. Bethany Jones @bethany_jones4
This middle school engineering design teacher truly embraces the 4Cs.  The creative projects from her class are awesome and her Makey-Makey projects are off the charts!!!!

6. Maureen Frew @FrewsCrew
Maureen is a teacher on special assignment with a mission for making.  The hands-on making that she does with the youngest of learners is just amazing.

7. Penny Rayhill @PennyRayhill
Penny is a tech coach and maker from West Virginia.  She works with students and teachers to incorporate digital making and tech in creative ways.  Check out what she is doing with Quiver!

8. David Lostetter @MrLostetter
This technology/STEM teacher does some pretty cool stuff in his elementary makerspace.  His student projects definitely have the WOW factor!

9. Mandi Figlioli @mrsfigmakes
As a curriculum specialist, Mandi sees both the classroom side and the leadership side of making.  She is passionate about hands-on learning and posts great ideas for other makers.

10. Mr. Russo @RussosRoom
This NY teacher's profile says it all:
STEM isn’t about showing your students how to do something, but empowering them with the right tools to create and discover it on their own.

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list, but simply some great educators to connect with around everything STEM, STEAM, and Making.  Who else would you add?