Sunday, April 8, 2018

Who Knew it? Huge Personalized Learning Opportunities with Hoonuit

Through the power of my personal learning network (PLN), I recently had the opportunity to connect with Jaime Donnelly, AR/VR all-star and all around amazing educator.  She shared with me the work she's been doing with Hoonuit.

I don't know about you . . . but I had never heard of it.  Little did I know that this powerful platform of professional learning was out there waiting for me!  With a motto to "empower educators to make better decisions, transform teaching and improve student outcomes", Hoonuit is a great way to engage in powerful personalized learning.

Already serving over 500,000 educators across the country, Hoonuit's online professional development content is exactly what I was looking for!  Self-paced, online learning modules that are created by content experts.  Engaging videos and relevant topics that can meet the needs of K-12 educators and school leaders.

Anxious to explore this new opportunity, I applied to be an "ambassador".  This status gave me access to all of the online content.  There were so many interesting courses, I didn't even know where to begin!

Since I have been actively looking to grow my PLN, I tried a course on just that.  Through the learning modules (about an hour or so), I considered ways that I could expand my network using social media.  The course prompted me to:

  • Reflect
  • Connect
  • Contribute

I reflected on the ways that I could expand my learning through a network of educators.  I thought about the ways suggested by the author to reflect on instructional practices as a means to connect with your PLN.  I also reflected on how I might entice the teachers in my district to consider doing the same.

It was through this course that I stepped up to the challenge and started thinking about how I might use tools like Facebook and Instagram to develop and grow as a professional educator.  I created new accounts and have been pursuing new professional groups that support my own learning and professional growth as an administrator.  These connections have helped me to push my thinking and learn from the perspectives of others.

Lastly, I thought about the ways I could contribute.

  • Tweeting out educational content.  
  • Supporting, retweeting, and "liking" the work of other forward-thinking educators.  
  • Creating a blog like this one to share my knowledge with others.  

My Hoonuit experience so far has been fulfilling and fun.  I'm enthusiastic about the opportunities that the learning modules can offer to teachers and administrators and I can't wait to continue on my learning journey!

For more information about how Hoonuit can support learning in your district, check out their website.