Tuesday, January 1, 2019


I have thought a lot about my one word for 2019, as I am sure that many of you have.  It's tough to pick just one word, isn't it?  I mean, there are lots of words that can provide inspiration and guidance, but choosing just one word to focus on all year, that requires some special consideration.  I wanted to choose a word that was original, but that's hard too, as there are so many great posts this week with people sharing their chosen word.

I wanted a word that could prompt inspiration in both my personal and professional life.  I wanted a word that would push me to be better.  I wanted a word that would bring to the surface what was most important.

Last year, I chose curiosity.  It was a bit selfish, I must admit.  I wanted to chase my own curiosities and try new things.  I didn't want anything to stand in my way.  I was determined to pursue whatever it was that piqued my interest.

Travel to new places
Learn new things
Write til my heart was content
Meet new people
Let loose and have some fun once in a while
Wherever the curiosity took me

My year was filled with excitement and opportunity.  While I don't want to lose the inspiration that I gained in 2018, I feel the need to reground myself and find some balance, so that is the word I have chosen.

After juggling a lot in 2018, (including writing three books and expanding my presentations to an international audience) I need to regain my balance among the different aspects of my life.  As a mom, a wife, a daughter, a friend, an educator, and an author, my work/life balance has been a bit out of whack.  I need to attend to all of the pieces of my life and ensure that my energy is spent devoting quality time to what is important.

It is easy to get overwhelmed with responsibilities and requirements working in a school district. Balancing my school life with my family life can be a challenge at times.  Add to that, my work life (what I do "on the side") the work of writing, speaking, and consulting with educators. All of those things combine for a pretty full plate at times.

Over the course of the last month, I was also reminded that friends and laughter are critical to my personal well-being.  I don't always take time to let down my guard and fully enjoy the time with those special people. so in addition to my work/life balance, I need remember add my friends to that balance, as well. Sometimes "play time" with friends and colleagues is just as important to our mental health as getting enough rest and eating right.  Which takes me to the next piece of this balancing act.

I spent the latter part of 2018 finding balance in my personal health.  No longer a slave to carbohydrates, I will continue to balance my food choices in a way that fuels my body and my mind and equips me to be my very best self.  (With 37 lbs. down and many more to go) I am committed to maintaining my health balance in 2019, because part of the balance means I need to leave some room to focus just on myself.

Throughout the year, no doubt I will be challenged with things that will attempt to knock me off balance.  When faced with a choice, I will ask myself, does this create an unbalance in my world?  Will this path provide balanced perspective?  Balance means making choices and prioritizing.  As I explore the delicate balance of life, I wish you a Happy New Year and best wishes for an amazing 2019!

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  1. Jacie, I love your graphic and all that it represents. As a busy woman myself, I can appreciate your post and relate to the need for more balance. Kudos to you for making positive changes for your health and well-being. I'm pulling for you in the new year!