Monday, May 28, 2018

What’s in your makerspace? From A to Z

Makerspace ABC

I've traveled a lot in the last year, talking to educators all over the US and Canada.  The one thing that people always ask me for is a makerspace supply list.  There are plenty of lists out there, so I thought I'd put a twist on it.  Here are makerspaces must-haves from A-Z.

A     aluminum foil, acrylic paint, art supplies
B     beads, brass fasteners, buttons, balloons, beans, battery packs
C     cardboard, card stock, cotton balls, crayons, clothes pins
D     duct Tape, dowel rods, drafting tables, Dot and Dash robots
   Elmer’s Glue, Energizer batteries, egg cartons
   felt, foam core, feathers, fabric, food coloring, First Aid Kit
G     greeting cards, glue sticks, goggles, green screen
H     hangers, hammers, hot glue guns,
    index cards, iPads, Instructables
J      jars, jewelry-making supplies
K     K’Nex, Kleenex boxes, keyboards, keys
L     Legos, LED lights, lab coats, label maker, leaves
M     markers, magnets, modeling clay, Makedo tools, Makey-Makey
N     nails, needles, notebooks, newspaper
O     oil pastels, Ozobots,
P     pipe cleaners, playing cards, pencils, popsicle sticks, Play-Doh, pliers
Q     Q-tips, quilting squares, quarts (containers)
R     rulers, rubber bands, ribbon, recyclable materials
S     sandpaper, screws, scissors, Snap Circuits, Strawbees
T     toothpicks, twine, tape, three-hole punch
   unifix cubes, uncooked pasta
   Virtual reality headsets, Vex Robots, vinegar
W     wrench, wallpaper, wax paper, wool, wood, weaving supplies, Washi tape
X     X-acto knives
Y     yarn, yogurt cups
Z     ZipLoc bags, zip ties

OK, so maybe they're not all must-haves, but some of those letters were tough!  What items would you add to the list? 


  1. Jacie, this is a pretty good starting point for a conversation with someone who has no idea where to begin. Adding / removing items based on demonstrated need and / or the experience one wishes to create would be a solid next step.

    That said, I'd add:

    a) Arduinos
    c) Chibitronics LED stickers
    m) MicroBits
    r) Raspberry Pis

    Best, kj

  2. Osmos, Little Bits, Bloxels, Lego Mindstorms